How To Get Funding

How To Get Funding

The Green Building Grants is now accepting applicants for its 7th round of funding. Be sure to get tips on how to get funding before the closing date, which is on Tuesday 29 March 2011 at 5pm.

The Green Building Fund aims to reduce the impact of Australia’s infrastructure on green house gas emissions, by reducing energy consumed in the operation of existing buildings in Australia. These include commercial buildings, hotels and shopping centers. The program has been inexistence since October 2008 and has been teaching people how to get funding.

The program is merit based and very competitive on how to get funding grants Australia. To apply for the Green Building Fund, an applicant and project must meet designated eligibility criteria. Eligible applications are then assessed against the program merit criteria.

How to get funding, an applicant must be

  • a non tax-exempt organisation incorporated under a law of the Commonwealth or a State or Territory; and
  • the owner or part owner or agent of the owner of the commercial office building or hotel or shopping centre that is subject of the retro-fitting or retro-commissioning project, this is the first eligibility on how to get funding. The Program Delegate may allow a member of a joint venture that owns the commercial office building, hotel or shopping centre, or an entity that has a long-term lease on a building it operates as a hotel, to apply; and
  • able to demonstrate the level of greenhouse gas emissions prior to commencement of the project and the projected savings in greenhouse gas emissions likely to result from the project; and
  • able to demonstrate an ability to fund the cost of the project not met by the Green Building Fund grant is the most important eligibility quality on how to get funding.

To know more about the details on how to get funding, download the Stream A Customer Information Guide.

Merit Assessment on how to get funding

Eligible applications are assessed against three Merit Criteria:

Potential greenhouse gas emissions reduction (worth 60% of merit score)

This is based on projected reductions in carbon dioxide (equivalent) emitted per annum.

Applications must include a statement from a National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) assessor, of the greenhouse gas emissions prior to commencement of the project, and likely reductions arising from the project.

Demonstration potential (20% of merit score)

This looks at the potential to measure and share project learning and outcomes, including innovative technologies and approaches that could be adopted for other commercial office buildings, hotels and shopping centres.

Project design and management (worth 20% of merit score)

This requires evidence that the project has been well planned to achieve and maintain the best possible outcome.  This includes a well articulated and realistic project plan, staff and contractors with appropriate expertise and experience, and appropriate commissioning and staff-training plans, following the tips on how to get funding.

For more information on how to get funding and other grant offers call 1800 733 437 or visit

Tips on how to get funding

How to get Funding for Starters

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